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Is Jesus the only way to God? (Video)

There are many different ways people answer this question, but it doesn't mean that all answers are correct. Just like other areas of study, we should seek the truth and anything that contradicts the truth is false. Religious truth is... Continue Reading →

How are other worldviews influencing Christianity today?

Barna Group recently partnered with Summit Ministries in order to better understand how competing worldviews like Marxism, Secularism, New Spirituality, Postmodernism, and Islam are influencing the Christian worldview. What they found was almost unbelievable. Their findings show that only 17%... Continue Reading →

Are Science and Faith Compatible?

Many do not realize that this apparent conflict comes from a worldview conflict. When understood correctly, there is no contradiction at all. In fact, faith should be┬ábased in the scientific evidence. Watch and see what I mean. If you are... Continue Reading →

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