The Case for the Resurrection: Did the disciples die as martyrs?

We may not be able to say that all the disciples died for the faith, but we are able to say that they were all willing to die.

The Case for the Resurrection: Did the disciples claim to see the risen Jesus?

It is a historical fact that some of Jesus’ followers came to believe that he had been raised from the dead soon after his execution.

How can we spot bad explanations? (Podcast)

Today I discuss three characteristics of bad explanations so that you are able to disqualify them quickly.

Are evil and God incompatible?

Evil exists inside of our universe and appears to be incompatible with an all-loving God. However, the existence of evil is evidence for the existence of God.

Is our mind the same as the brain?

In order to deny the existence of the mind, one has to use their mind to think clearly and make an argument against the existence of their mind.

RHF Questions Class (Week 1)

The audio and further resources from the Questions Class at Rock Harbor Fullerton.

Has our universe been designed?

The basic building blocks of life have been designed and therefore need an intelligent designer.

Does morality change between cultures? (Podcast)

This week's podcast is an example of a classroom lesson to help students see that we all hold to a similar moral standard no matter the culture.

Has our universe been fine-tuned for life?

Many factors have to be finely tuned in order for our universe to begin to exist and remain in existence.

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