Are you prepared for an emergency?

What are you going to do to train yourself?

Are we communicating effectively? (Podcast)

We need to learn new vocabulary and use words that can be understood in order to communicate effectively.

Apologetics Resource: Responding to the Problem of Evil

Are you prepared to respond to common objections on the problem of evil?

What happens to those who have never heard the gospel?

There is not a single person who has lived on this planet that did not have an opportunity to see God. We are all responsible to God because he has shown himself to us.

How are you spreading the truth of Christianity?

This past week I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw an interesting post by a friend that had attracted a lot of attention. There were about 75 likes and over 25 comments so I was curious to... Continue Reading →

Why am I a Christian?

It's the start of a new school year and that means a whole new group of students with questions. Today's youth are being exposed to arguments against Christianity or arguments in favor of immoral behaviors from all angles. They read... Continue Reading →

What I learned from the Cross Examined Instructor Academy Part 1: Cold Case Resurrection

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend the Cross Examined Instructor Academy in Charlotte, NC. In attendance were some of the greatest instructors including: Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, Brett Kunkle, J. Warner Wallace, Bobby Conway, and Richard Howe. They... Continue Reading →

Why Defend My Faith?

Is there a difference between knowing what you believe and being able to defend it?  I remember the first time my faith was challenged. It was a warm summer evening in downtown Ft. Collins, CO. I was sitting out with... Continue Reading →

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