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Why do Christians think that all things are from God?

Isn't it obvious that we create things? God didn't make my phone, computer, or car.

How do you talk about hell in a nice way?

I make two specific points when discussing hell that allows me to stay true to biblical truths and be as compassionate as possible. To be clear, I'm not presenting hell as a nice place, it isn't. This video focuses only... Continue Reading →

Did God command genocide in the Old Testament?

Can Christians get baptized more than once?

Preparing Young People For the Future with J. Warner Wallace

The newest book by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace has finally released! So the Next Generation will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World is available for purchase and a must read if you are a youth pastor,... Continue Reading →

Is God’s design perfect design?

How can we respond to objections based on apparent bad design?

What would happen if Christianity was proven false one day?

Can someone just die instead of going to heaven or hell?

What is evil? (Video)

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