Coffeehouse Questions



Can you tell me about Jesus?

Do you really know Jesus? Do you know more than saying, "Jesus died for my sins" or "I have a personal relationship with him"? Most students aren't able to get past a few Christian clichés if you ask them who Jesus... Continue Reading →

RHF Questions Class (Week 2)

Are miracles possible? Is the New Testament Reliable?

Apologetics Resource: Responding to the Problem of Evil

Are you prepared to respond to common objections on the problem of evil?

Why does God allow evil?

Even though God made evil possible by giving us free will, it is humans that made evil actual by choosing to rebel against God.

Who is the ultimate authority in your life?

This is a question that was the topic of three of my lectures today and two more lectures tomorrow. Who is the ultimate authority in your life? I asked my students to think of different areas of their lives where they... Continue Reading →

Is the New Testament reliable?

You can't trust the New Testament. You can look at it as history but the rest can't be trusted. It contains miracles and there is no evidence that what the writers claimed actually happened. I seem to hear this a... Continue Reading →

Why am I a Christian?

It's the start of a new school year and that means a whole new group of students with questions. Today's youth are being exposed to arguments against Christianity or arguments in favor of immoral behaviors from all angles. They read... Continue Reading →


Last week I was hosting the apologetics night at our Christian coffeehouse. It is a time where people can come in, have a cup of coffee, and ask questions relating to the Bible, religions, morality, or truth. This is where... Continue Reading →

6 Keys When Talking With Jehovah’s Witnesses

What should you know when talking to Jehovah's Witnesses? It can get hot in the Dominican Republic, I mean really hot! Because of the heat, many churches have their Sunday service in the evening. When I first started attending a... Continue Reading →

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