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October 2017

MAVEN: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness with Brett Kunkle

I can't think of anything more important in today's culture than worldview and apologetics training for students. They are growing up in a very different world, and so they need truth brought to them in a new way. That is... Continue Reading →

Will we have free will in heaven if we can’t sin?

If you are interested in me speaking at your church or youth group, click on the Endorsements & Speaking page, look through the speaking topics or suggest your own, and contact me at I am happy to help in any way I... Continue Reading →

If God created Satan, does evil and sin come from God?

One of my former professors, Dr. Clay Jones, recently released a book titled Why Does God Allow Evil? One of the classes I took from Dr. Jones also went by the same title, and it was arguably the most important class... Continue Reading →

Reader Response: How can God be loving and command killings?

A few weeks back I posted the blog How can God be loving when he commanded killing in the Old Testament? (Video). This video was part of a Q&A filmed up at Hume Lake this past summer. After posting the video,... Continue Reading →

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