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August 2017

How do I share God with someone who rejects Christ? (Video)

Here is a question that I received at a recent Q&A at Hume Lake Christian Camp. If you are interested in me speaking at your church or youth group, click on the Endorsements & Speaking page, look through the speaking topics or suggest... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus the only way to God? (Video)

There are many different ways people answer this question, but it doesn't mean that all answers are correct. Just like other areas of study, we should seek the truth and anything that contradicts the truth is false. Religious truth is... Continue Reading →

How Relativism Undermines Your Student’s Faith in Christ (Video)

Our culture of relativism, the belief that truth changes from person to person, is undermining our student's faith in Christ. Relativism states that there is no truth. So how can Christianity be objectively true if there is no truth? Jesus... Continue Reading →

Why Apologetics Should Be Relational with Michael Sherrard

Defending the Christian faith with holiness, respect, and truth.

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