I have enjoyed watching the Open the last two days as I have been resting from a few different trips. It helps that maybe my favorite golfer, Jordan Spieth, is leading the pack. Along with him, some of the world’s top golfers have been competing at the Royal Birkdale Golf Course in Southport, England, for a chance to win $10,250,000. For that large of a prize, these golfers spend countless hours in preparation and have persevered through many issues both before and during the tournament. They also know that in order to win they have to follow the rules and make good decisions and good shots. Image result for the open

I think these are principles that not only make championship golfers, but they also make championship Christian ambassadors. These principles are not only for pastors and apologists, but they are also for students. Listen to this week’s podcast as I look at the Open and point out four apologetic lessons that we can learn so that we will be successful ambassadors for Christ.

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