Coffeehouse Questions


July 2017

What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

At one of my recent speaking events I had a great discussion with a student on the Biblical texts dealing with homosexuality. He had read that the verses condemning homosexuality were actually only condemning it in certain situations. His readings... Continue Reading →

4 Apologetic Lessons from The Open Championship

These are principles that not only make championship golfers, but they also make championship Christian ambassadors.

Making the Case for a Forensic Faith with J. Warner Wallace

Embrace your duty to defend the truth.

The Fine Tuning Argument with Kendall Brewer

My friend, Kendall Brewer, joined me this week to discuss the teleological argument for God's existence. You can check out Kendall's work at Truth Matters. You can follow the Coffeehouse Questions Podcast and have it automatically downloaded to your device... Continue Reading →

Does God send good people to hell?

I had the privilege of writing an article for the newly released¬†Apologetics Study Bible for Students.¬†This bible was released on July 1st, and is a great resource for your students. Here is just one of over 130 answered questions. Does... Continue Reading →

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