Coffeehouse Questions


April 2017

Starting Faith Conversations

Over the last two weeks I have had multiple questions about how to get people to think about Christianity. How can we motivate students to think about other people and future decisions? What can we do when they are apathetic?... Continue Reading →

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most important historical events. The truth of Christianity stands or falls on the resurrection. So, is there any good reason to believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Can we really know... Continue Reading →

Evangelism and the Big Bang with Dr. Jeff Zweerink

Dr. Jeff Zweerink, an astrophysicist and research scholar at Reasons to Believe, joined me to talk about what Christians need to know about Big Bang cosmology. It was interesting that he was able to show how the Big Bang can... Continue Reading →

Is it wrong to reinterpret Scripture?

God's word and God's world are consistent and complementary revelations when properly interpreted.

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