Coffeehouse Questions


February 2017

What is true freedom?

Is it being able to do whatever you want?

How To Develop a Deep Relationship with God

I recently created a new talk titled "Everyone Has To Start Somewhere." The purpose of this talk is to recognize that we all aren't at the same level of relationship with God. Some of us haven't started, others are just... Continue Reading →

Why Christianity Isn’t Just a List of Don’ts

Pursue health rather than avoiding illness.

Do we live in a secular culture, and how should Christians respond?

I had fun¬†recording the podcast this week with my roommate, Neal Hardin. He is a former metallurgical engineer who is now a current MA Theology student at Talbot. His passion is to¬†find where the Bible speaks about political issues and... Continue Reading →

Rethinking the Hiddenness of God

God is hidden because he wants us to look for him.

Everyone Has To Start Somewhere – Helping Students Deepen Their Relationship With God

No wonder they're bored!

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