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July 2016

Understanding Objections From The Correct Worldview (Podcast)

In order to see if a worldview makes sense, you have to critique it from within the same worldview.

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The amount of free content on the internet is amazing.

Are we communicating effectively? (Podcast)

We need to learn new vocabulary and use words that can be understood in order to communicate effectively.

Why is God so hidden?

There is simply no way of knowing that more evidence would mean more people saved.

Apologetics in the Local Church – Interview with Dan Britton (Podcast)

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Who created God?

Both the atheist and the Christian realize that there has to be something that is eternal.

Stop teaching students, start training them. Interview with J. Warner Wallace (Podcast)

J. Warner Wallace, a cold-case homicide detective, the author of Cold Case Christianity and God's Crime Scene, and faculty member at Summit Ministries, joined me this week to talk about how we should stop teaching students and start training them.

The Case for the Resurrection: Did the disciples die as martyrs?

We may not be able to say that all the disciples died for the faith, but we are able to say that they were all willing to die.

Five reasons why teaching apologetics to students is so critical today – Interview with Dr. Sean McDowell (Podcast)

Dr. Sean McDowell joined me and discussed five reasons why teaching apologetics to students is so critical today.

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