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June 2016

The Case for the Resurrection: Did the disciples claim to see the risen Jesus?

It is a historical fact that some of Jesus’ followers came to believe that he had been raised from the dead soon after his execution.

How can we spot bad explanations? (Podcast)

Today I discuss three characteristics of bad explanations so that you are able to disqualify them quickly.

The Case for the Resurrection: Naturalistic Explanations for the Empty Tomb

The stolen body, moved body, and wrong tomb theories fail to ground themselves in historical evidence.

What’s the difference between making a judgment and being judgmental? (Podcast)

This week I take a look at a few biblical guidelines that help us differentiate between making judgments and being judgmental. You can follow the Coffeehouse Questions Podcast and have it automatically downloaded to your device by subscribing on iTunes.... Continue Reading →

The Case for the Resurrection: Was the tomb empty?

There would have been no need for an attempt to account for a missing body, if the body had still been in the tomb.

How does unforgiveness hurt me? (Podcast)

Rose Pauly, author of Desperate Hope, shares how unforgiveness can hurt us spiritually as well as physically.

The Case for the Resurrection: Did Jesus die on the cross?

“The fact of Jesus’ death as the consequence of crucifixion is indisputable.”

What makes Christianity unique? (Podcast)

This last week I flew to Colorado for vacation and had a very interesting conversation on the plane based on the book I was reading, Five Sacred Crossings, by Dr. Craig J. Hazen. Listen to this week's podcast to hear... Continue Reading →

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