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December 2015

Top Coffeehouse Questions Blogs of 2015

2015 was filled with new adventures. When the year started, I was in the Dominican Republic teaching, working with an after-school homework program, and helping launch a coffeehouse ministry. I moved back to the United States (Colorado) in July and... Continue Reading →

Why do people suffer for a sin Adam committed long ago?

It is important to have a response to both Christians and skeptics when asked about why God allows evil. In this post I want to provide a response to when a Christian asks you, "Why do people suffer for a sin Adam... Continue Reading →

The nativity events show that Jesus was born to save the world, not just the Jews.

A few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on the radio program. One of the callers during the program argued that if Christians truly followed the teachings of Jesus, then they would become Jews. He claimed... Continue Reading →

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