Coffeehouse Questions


September 2015

Who is the ultimate authority in your life?

This is a question that was the topic of three of my lectures today and two more lectures tomorrow. Who is the ultimate authority in your life? I asked my students to think of different areas of their lives where they... Continue Reading →

Is Christianity a Copycat Religion?

Last night, I attended the first night of the two-day reTHINK student apologetics conference put on by Stand to Reason. Sean McDowell gave an incredible presentation answering the question, "Is Christianity a copycat religion?" This argument has resurfaced today on the... Continue Reading →

I don’t see God. Therefore, God doesn’t exist.

One of the main questions I get from students relates the fact that they don't see God. If God exists, why doesn't he reveal himself to us? Well... He has! I think people don't see God because they aren't looking for Him.... Continue Reading →

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